About Evangelos


Born in 1983 in Greece, Evangelos Kavathas is a self taught fashion designer based in London.

He had his true calling in fashion during the Create Europe: The Fashion Academy Awards competition that took place at Athens Fashion Week, when he was selected among the top 20 new designers.

A year later he won the first prize in the Next Generation Show with Vibrant Dusk, presented at Athens Fashion Week, leading him to represent Greece at the IAF International Designer Award in New Delhi.

The press started talking about his unique talent and artistic approach to fashion, characterising his work as a sheer balance between simplicity and sophistication.

In 2015, he made his debut in London with his signature brand EVANGELOS, presenting his Spring Summer collection, Tinia.

Arts and daily life stimulate his creativity. Known for his use of contemporary linear forms with classical references, he designs timeless creations to enhance the femininity of every woman.